Sustainability Tech

Sustainability Tech develops technology solutions for clients that require real-time landscape management data. Our company combines a suite of proprietary IoT sensors and software to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring large forest, wetland and plantation areas. We provide environmental data and automated reporting for clients, helping them better understand the impacts of their interventions, reduce the risk of fire and report outcomes more accurately.

With offices in Jakarta and Bali, Sustainability Tech deploys technology for international NGOs and project developers, drawing on an extensive professional network in the fields of conservation, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, and scientific research.

Services & Solutions

  • Realtime

    All remotely deployed sensors are connected to the cloud 24/7. This means that you will have all your measurements available in realtime in our custom dashboard

  • Notifications

    No need to watch your system at all times, with custom notifications you can target people or groups on any type of channel, from Twitter, Facebook, Slack to Email and SMS

  • Reporting

    Let us do the heavy lifting, create periodically reports and get them send out to all stakeholders so they get their reports with the information that matters to them

  • Long Range (LoRa)

    Our sensors communicate via LoRa. This wireless technology allows a staggering range of ~10KM even in the most remote and difficult landscapes around the world

  • Low power

    All our inhouse build hardware is optimized for low power applications, this means that our sensors can run for multiple years on a single battery

  • Low costs

    New technology can often be expensive to implement. We have carefully selected our partners to help us with a quality product that keeps costs under control for deployments even on the largests scale.