The “Internet of Things” comprises a suite of rapidly growing technologies. It is made up of billions of “smart” devices — from minuscule chips to gigantic machines — that use wireless technology to talk to each other. Our IoT world is growing at a breathtaking pace, with a projected 200 billion devices expected to be in operation by 2020.

Smart city Figure 1: IoT solutions for Smart Cities

IoT Applications

Currently a large number of different IoT devices are being deployed around the world to tackle a plethora of disparate problems. The majority of these sensors are being deployed in urban areas. They are turning our cities in so called “Smart cities” with the technology already beginning to impact us in everyday live.

Smart Landscapes

Sectors outside of urban development and industry are lagging behind in the implementation of smart solutions. Sustainability Tech is changing this by applying smart technologies across a variety of different areas. We are providing solutions that turn valuable multi-functional landscapes comprising of forests, agriculture, peatlands and water into Smart Landscapes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors and through the use of cutting edge technology.

Smart city Figure 2: Sustainability Tech and Smart landscape solutions

Connection remote locations

Sustainability Tech uses LoRa as prefered method of wireless communication. LoRa is a wireless technology much like WiFi and GSM/4G. In contrast to these more well known wireless communication systems LoRa has some key advantages and features:

Long range

Single base station provides deep penetration in dense urban/indoor regions, plus connects rural areas up to 40 km away, which is important for approaching solutions in rural and forested landscapes

Low costs

Three way cost reduction: reduced infrastructure investment, lower operating costs and end-node sensors


Improved global interoperability speeds adoption and roll out of LoRaWAN-based networks and IoT applications

Low power

Protocol designed specifically for low power consumption extending battery lifetime up to 5 years

High capacity

Supports millions of messages per base station, ideal for public network operators serving many customers


Embedded end-to-end AES128 encryption

No data subscriptions

A wireless protocol that does not need any data subscription like GSM/LTE


Sustainability Tech has an in-house R&D department that develops custom solutions for our clients. We develop specific Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for any type of project that has sustainability as its motivator. For example watertable measurements in peatland and noise detection in tropical forests against illegal deforestation. These sensors are connected via RS-485 to our LoRa nodes that in turn send the data back to our LoRa gateways. This makes it possible to have 24/7 connectivity in the most demanding areas.

The dashboard

To make sure that you have the best experience in working with the collected data from the field we build a dashboard that gives you realtime insights in your measurements. Set your custom notifications to receive updates when certain criteria are met. Broadcast them on Facebook, Twitter, email or even SMS. Futhermore we have a fine grained solution for user management. Let the right people see and handle the data they should handle.

Third party integration

Have your own system that needs to be connected to your sensors? Let us know what you are looking for, our developers can connect our system which most API’s.

Get in touch

Want to find out how IoT and Smart Lanscapes can improve your company? Contact us now. Sustainability Tech is happy to help you find optimal solutions to create a more transparent and sustainable planet.